Friday, 4 August 2017

EzHuat's take on Viva Industrial Trust Q2 results

Viva Industrial Trust ('VIT') is a Singapore-focused business park and industrial real estate investment trust. Its portfolio focuses predominantly on business parks and industrial properties in Singapore.

Here is a summary of the Q2 report card:
(i) Distribution Per Unit (DPU) achieved a 6.3% hike to 1.861 Singapore cents.
(ii) VIT's gross revenue also grew 18.0% to $27.6m, partly driven by a $2.3m increase in contributions from Viva Business Park (VBP) and a $1.9m contribution from the Chin Bee acquisition.
(iii) Its Net Property Income (NPI) rose 17.5% to $20.2m from a year ago.
(iv) Occupancy at VIT's Jackson Square reported occupancy of 89% with >70 sq ft new leases signed
(v) Completion of Downtown Line interchange at Expo MRT in late Oct 2017 will potentially spur increase in rental reversions.

As a result of VIT's relatively good results, its share price has seen a good upward momentum lately. Now the question is, is it a good time to buy VIT?

While I am vested in VIT, I am of the view that there is nothing spectacular at current juncture. Nonetheless, I like the fact that VIT has positioned itself in pretty good locations. Most of them are strategically located near amenities and accessibility to transportation. With its yield of about 8%, it is indeed quite attractive amongst the reits community.

Some says that its property lease tenure is short as compared to others and likely lead to drop in valuation overtime. They run the risk if the land lease runs out which ultimately will impact their income. Personally, I see positive upside in the short-medium term as long as the Singapore economy remains healthy and VIT successfully renews or sign new land lease tenures.

In industry reit, I typically look at its growing NPI, healthy and rising occupancy rates and manageable gearing ratio. In addition, VIT manages to house a good mix tenant mix such as gym, Decathlon Singapore and a variety of food and beverage outlets. VIT looks stable to me for now and I will continue to monitor further.

What's your take? Feel free to share.


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